Our Mission

Chain Reaction Robotics (CRR) is a robotics team based in Plano Senior High School.

The team was originally an engineering club started by students, but eventually these students stumbled upon the FIRST Robotics Competition and decided to participate. The students brought together a team of coaches, mentors, and students to create an environment for the entire process of the FIRST Robotics Competition.

CRR is a student based team and allows the students to learn about the process of project management with the support of coaches and mentors. The club continues to grow, and recently has also started a Scientific Research and Development class that further supports the team's endeavors.

Chain Reaction Robotics was created to foster a love for science and technology throughout our local community. The team hopes to continue spreading STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to a variety of people; this includes working to find visibility through outreach and sponsorships.

Every year, CRR participates in multiple competitions including FIRST Robotics Competition in the spring and NTX in the fall. Sponsors will help the team financially, specifically with registration, transportation, workspace, production parts, and outreach programs. Sponsorship to the team will also inspire students of all ages to experience the STEM program.

Furthermore, members are exposed to thousands of teams around the world at competitions. Being an international competition, the FIRST Robotics Competition gives countries all across the world access to the fundamentals of engineering, and because of this, new generations are being exposed to ideas that could one day change the world as we know it.

The reason we call ourselves Chain Reaction Robotics is because we believe that, in creating this team, we are sparking a chain reaction of new STEM related investments both in our community and all across the world.


Impact Of Our Program

"At Chain Robotics, I found a support network that inspired and motivated me to succeed"

— Afnan Mir, Software