Every year, CRR participates in multiple different competitions including FIRST Robotics Competition in the spring and NTX Tournament of Robots in the fall. Sponsors will help the team financially, specifically with registration, transportation, workspace, production parts, and outreach programs. Sponsorship to the team will also inspire students of all ages to experience the STEM program. Furthermore, they are exposed to thousands of teams around the world at the competitions.

Chain Reaction Robotics depends on funding from sponsors who support the education and learning process. CRR consists of multiple different disciplines ranging from mechanical and electrical engineering to software and programming to business and marketing. The team is also focused on teamwork and project managing. Sponsorship will allow us to compete at the highest level and allow students to experience the full robotics program.
Organizations that choose to support Chain Reaction Robotics through tax-deductible* donations are acknowledged through our social media outlets, our marketing materials, on our promotional items, and possibly on the robot itself. Sponsorship helps to ensure students have exposure to skills used in the future. Click here for our sponsorship packages.