2019 Build season

Kick Off Into Deep Space (01.05.19)

As we joined the Allen Eagles and Academy robotics team early Saturday morning, Chain Reaction blasted into the new year with brand new ideas for the upcoming season. After our kickoff, we continued to separate into multiple groups to construct a variety of prototypes, and ultimately, decided on our favorites that we chose on to add to the robot. With 5 meetings crammed into one single week, the mentors and rookies truly had their work cut out for them, but ended with a victorious decision as we stitched together a variety of prototypes to go into one amazing bot! As Team 6171 works their best to work their hardest, we look forward to an amazing season with an amazing team!

2018 FRC


Dallas Regional (03.01.18 - 03.04.18)

The team marched through all of the qualifications in the the Dallas Regional with a 3-6-0 record. We made some modifications and decided to remove the climber altogether. We were lucky enough to participate in other events such as helping younger STEMists learn about FRC by being FIRST Ambassadors and giving tours of the pits to younger students. Chain Reaction was second pick for an alliance, but unfortunately was unable to compete because of a burned out motor on the intake. With attempts to swap out motors, time was not on the our side.


El Paso Regional (03.28.18 - 03.31.18)

After a long bus ride west, we made it to El Paso in one piece! The air and culture was definitely different from back at Plano. The team had a few adventures hiking and taking tours at University of Texas at El Paso. Chain Reaction finished as rank 20 with a record of 7-10-0. The team was picked as an alliance team with FRC 5431 and 4063. Together the alliance successfully won 2 quarterfinals matches and advanced to semifinals! During the first semifinal match, our alliance was winning with auton points and successful exchange time; however, there was a field problem and the match was re-done. Although the team did amazingly in all of the matches, we were unable to win enough semifinal matches and did not win a ticket to the Houston World Competition. 

2017 BEST

The team had a blast at the Collin County BEST Competition! It was amazing to see all the other teams' engineering processes and different approaches to the game's objectives. Although we didn't make it to finals, we were so proud of what the team was able to achieve through participating in BEST: the new members gained so much knowledge about safe tool usage, the step-by-step engineering process, and most importantly, how to work as a team. Now, there's no more Team Apex or Team Rocket - only Chain Reaction Robotics. Chain Reaction looks forward to seeing the team continue to grow throughout the year. 


2017 NTX

2017 NTX.JPG


The NTX Off-Season Planning Committee (including but not limited to FRC 5431, FRC 6171, FRC 3005, FRC 3310, FRC 1296 and FRC 5417) is a new off-season event in the Dallas Area.  The North Texas Tournament of Robots will be October 7th and 8th in Plano. You can find out more here.

This year Plano ISD hosted an off-season event for FIRST called NTX with the help of Team 5431 and Team 6171. Together we helped with the set up and the break down of the competition. There were 20+ teams that participated, including some from out of state. We were fortunate enough to rank as one of the top 8, making us an alliance captain. Other than the competition itself, we used this opportunity to teach the new members about FIRST such as competition etiquette, pit scouting, match scouting, and driving. The new members were also allowed to experience the process for troubleshooting since our bot lost comms during the practice matches. We had a lot of fun being able to talk to and meet volunteers from other teams that we stay in contact with. NTX was a great way to wrap up the season.

2017 FRC

Copy of DSC_8005.jpg

Dallas Regional (03.09.17 – 03.11.17)

All of our project teams came together and completed our changes on the robot. With the challenge of adding and changing parts, we were unable to participate in the early practice matches, but were able to see our bot on field for the first time.

The second day of regional began the qualification matches. We were challenged with communication problems, but we were able to stay calm and continue troubleshooting. Dallas regional was exciting and the team was able to bond as well as have a good first competition experience.



Brazos Valley Regional (03.31.17 – 04.02.17)

Changes and additions were completed by early afternoon. Our new drive team was able to practice in multiple practice matches, and the mechanical team and software team made changes and improve the bot.

The bot was successful with autonomous, static gear intake, and climbing. We participated in the semifinals as 5th Alliance Captain with teams 1817 and 3999. Additionally, we won the Innovation in Control Award.

This regional was overall a success and allowed the team to bond. Members were able to learn about different mechanisms from other teams as well as learn about marketing information.


Houston Worlds (04.19.17 – 04.22.17)

The team headed down to Houston together and bonded. The first day was more rushed as practice matches finished before noon; however, we were able to complete any changes and members were able to explore different competitions held by FIRST such as FTC and FLL.

We performed extraordinarily during our qualification matches and showed amazing consistency with autonomous, static gear intake, and climbing. Despite our high rank for OPR, we were unable to reach high enough in ranking points to get to finals.

Members were able to learn more about technology in the world with the Innovation Faire as well as talk to universities about scholarship and internship opportunities. Additionally, the team traveled together to watch Einstein matches in the Minute Maid Park.

2016 BEST

2016 FRC


Dallas Regional (03.23.16 - 03.26.16)

What an eventful season! The team won the Rookie All Star Award at the Dallas Regional giving the team a ticket to worlds! Go Wildcats! The team ranked 24 with a record of 7-9-0. Hellcat was outstanding with the pneumatic shooter and great maneuverability by the drive team. We passed the quarterfinals, but unfortunately did not win enough matches in semifinals to advance. The team did great at their first ever FRC Competition!


Houston Worlds (04.27.16 - 04.30.16)

After a long bus ride of bonding time, we finally made it to the St. Louis World Championships! The team ended up rank 39 in the Tesla Division with a record of 5-5-0. It was definitely an experience to be able to compete on the same alliance as the other Plano Team (FRC 5431) and in other matches with other North Texas Teams (FRC 148, 1296, 2848, 3005, 5417). Although the team did not advance, all of us were able to experience the grandeur of the world championship - from the extent of the size of the competition, to the innovation faire. 

Texas UIL State (07.29.16 - 07.30.16)

With all of the points racked up over the 2016 Season, the team was able to participate in Texas Robot Roundup: UIL Robotics State Championship! We were rank 27 with a record of 3-6-0.We really enjoyed the summer even with other North Texas teams such as 118, 5417, 3005, 178, 6133, etc..