NTX Preparations



As the NTX season approaches, our team is working hard to place us in a position to succeed. Mechanical team is fixing our bot from last year, Hercules, modifying the ball-collecting mechanism, and adding bumpers for the new bot. Software is implementing an upgraded directional pad to make the joystick more sensitive to small gestures for greater mobility. Business, Awards, and Management is reaching out to the community to get them more involved in STEM, such as our upcoming STEM night, which will help young students get involved in STEM activities. Additionally, we want to spread our passion for robotics out to the general public as evident by our Cane’s Fundraiser night, where all customers are exposed to Chain Robotics.

Harrington Elementary STEM NIGHT



Our team members had a great time visiting one of our feeder schools, Harrington Elementary. We brought our robot to showcase the capabilities to the elementary schoolers, and to give information about FIRST Robotics Competition. They were very excited to see what we had to offer, and we hope they will consider joining our robotics family in the future.

Clark Robotics VISIT


Our representatives had a great time visiting one of our feeder schools, Clark High School. It is always inspiring visiting our feeder schools of all ages but this trip was especially amazing. We got to see the progress the Clark team has made and are super excited for them to join us next year here at Plano Senior. Can’t wait for these Clark Cougars to become Plano Senior Wildcats!!!

T.I Kids Day


We had a great time showing the robot at TI Kids Day today with team 5431 today! There were so many kids and some parents there too. It was exciting as the kids were able to drive the bots around. Our electrical captain showed the electrical board to the kids and everyone had a blast. Special thanks to TI for letting us have this opportunity to expand kids' interest in STEM programs!


G-SYstems Celebration



We had a blast with G Systems, LP today! We enjoyed giving our demonstration of Corsair and spreading STEM programs to families and children! It was great to see some kids step up to try and drive Corsair. It was amazing to see the people's faces light up as the bot climbed. The team really thanks G-Systems for all of their support for the team this year. We couldn't have gotten as far as we did without their support.

Ericsson Tech Camp 



We visited Ericsson's Tech Camp along with Plano Academy High School's Team 5431. All of the kids had a blast! Each team let the camp students drive Corsair around after a short demo and presentation. It was great to see so many kids interested in STEM and it was an honor to be part of their learning experience!

Cat Camp


Every year, Plano Senior High School has an event for new students called Cat Camp where the students are given tasks to explore the campus and check out their schedules for the new year. One of the activities that the students get to explore is the club booths. This year we had quite the crowd! Corsair was up and moving, showing demonstrations of simple driving and climbing. The team let anyone who was interested test out the controls. We were excited to see more than 70 people sign up for information. Seeing the amount of students interested in STEM brought smiles to the team members' faces! Special thanks to Ericsson for letting us have this opportunity!

Sponsorship Presentation: Lear Corporation 



Today we got an awesome opportunity to visit Lear Corporation and present to them in hopes of continuing our sponsorship. We presented our achievements and what we plan to accomplish this year with their support. After our presentation we had a short demo of the robot andwe let the managers test drive it if they wanted to. We also had fun testing to see how fast our bot could operate on the road and let is drive forward freely. The most exciting part was that we were able to have tour of the plant where they make their seats for GM. The entire process showed clear management and organization and we as a team aspire to become as self-sufficient and efficient as they are.

Plano International Festival


Our team was invited to the Plano International Festival for their new STEAM section this year. A group of our marketing team members took our robot and set up at the front entrance of the festival at 1pm. For the next four hours, our team showed off the robot to the even attendees; answered questions that parents/attendees had about our team, robot, and competitions; and allowed attendees of all ages to try driving our robot around. Our team had a great time connecting with the community and showing off our robot. With this event we were able to get our name out into the community of diverse cultures, expanding our scope from just students in PISD. We also used the opportunity to gain contacts for future sponsorship and donations, but our main focus was on furthering a “chain reaction” in our community!